SOS Foundation is guided by visionary leaders

Board Of Trustees

For Humanity

SOS Foundation is guided by visionary leaders who bring extensive expertise and a shared commitment to making a difference. With a diverse range of backgrounds, our leadership team combines strategic thinking with hands-on experience in philanthropy, community development, and social impact. Their passion for creating positive change fuels our initiatives, while their strategic direction ensures that our efforts are effective, sustainable, and aligned with our mission. Together, our leaders inspire our team, stakeholders, and partners to work collaboratively towards empowering communities, fostering education, enhancing healthcare, and promoting environmental sustainability.

Kanwar M. Tariq

Chairman of board

Irshad Ali

Director Board of Trustees

Asghari Begum

Director Board of Trustees

Najma Parveen

Director Board of Trustees

Supporting Partners

Strengthening the Impact Together!